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Remembering My Dad

The Obituary of Daniel Harley, Sr.

My Father passed away on the morning of November 14th, 2014. This is his obituary.

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Last Call…

Hi Everyone!

Today’’s the big day! I have some time to myself to think about my past, and ponder my future. This will probably be my last E-mail for a while, as I will be on my honeymoon.

I’ve avoided marriage all my life, and had thought that I would be at least a little nervous towards the last few moments of being single. What’s strange to me is not being nervous, and actually being a little anxious. The last few weeks with Ha has removed any doubts that I may have had about marrying her. Her and I are soulmates, and are meant to be together.

It turns out that my wedding is going to be a pretty big event with or without me. I have relatives from all over the country here right now. Ha and our families have done an incredible job at planning and preparing for this event, that I’m assured to have a memorable experience. The reception will be held at the Vietnam Government Guesthouse near Hoan Kiem Lake, which is a spectacular place with or without a wedding reception being held in it.

Tomorrow is also the beginning of APEC 2006 here in Hanoi, and the whole city is decked out for it. George Bush is supposed to show up tomorrow with an entourage that requires four 747’s to transport. It’s going to be interesting to see how my wedding party is going to get through town with the President here.

Ha and I will be heading to Hoi An by Wednesday, which is when I will start doing some real traveling around Vietnam. I’ve been enjoying Hanoi so much that I’m probably going to miss leaving it.

Thanks to everyone that have been writing to me. I really appreciate it, and will catch up with answers to some questions after my honeymoon.

Take care!

Dan Harley, Jr.

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