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Remembering My Dad

The Obituary of Daniel Harley, Sr.

My Father passed away on the morning of November 14th, 2014. This is his obituary.

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About Electronic Newsletters and E-mail Marketing


by Dan Harley, Jr. –

I’m publishing this newsletter to end the frustration of trying to convince my clients, colleagues and friends (in other words…YOU) about the value and benefits of e-mail marketing and publishing an e-newsletter. Many of you have paid me good money to build a Web site and promote it, but you will not capitalize on my FREE advice about e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing done right, can generate a lot of business for you and can cost nothing but your time. I too am guilty of not capitalizing on e-mail marketing for my own business, despite recently taking several courses to enhance my already advanced skills. It’s time that I put my money where my mouth is and you get to benefit from it.


You are a client, associate, a friend or a combination whom I’ve discussed to some detail about publishing your own e-newsletter. Some of you had taken my advice and are already doing this successfully. Many of you have not, and I’m hoping to convince you to do so by educating you through my own e-newsletter published specifically to teach you how to do this yourself.

I’ll admit that I have cheated a little in putting this mailing list together. Most of you I had talked to already in getting your permission to be on this mailing list, while some of you have no knowledge or forgot that I was going to do this. I will gladly remove you from this mailing list upon your request, but consider a few things before you ask to do so.

I will make sure information posted to this mailing list will be beneficial and well worth the five to ten minutes it will take to read it.

I will limit the number of postings to one a week so your inbox will not be cluttered with dozens of e-mails from me and you can pay more attention to the one e-mail I send to you each week.

This mailing list is (currently) very small for a reason. I’ve carefully selected you and others to be on this mailing list, because I believe you will benefit most from the information that I will provide.

You can read these e-mails and receive sound advice about online advertising and e-mail marketing for FREE or I can give you the same information during an office call and charge you for my time.

If you still want off the mailing list, then go to the bottom of this E-mail for instruction on how to be removed. If you want to find out how to generate more business by doing something that will cost you nothing but your time, then let’s get started!


This is an interactive publication, which means I want to hear from you. Ask me questions so I can write articles and provide information that will benefit you and the rest of the readers. All you need to do is simply reply to this E-mail with your questions.

Let’s get started with the first article of golden information about e-mail marketing.


Drive traffic to your Web site looking to do business with you.

For more information, contact me at:


by Dan Harley, Jr. –

E-mail marketing is simply defined as utilizing E-mail to market your business and/or Web site. You’re probably thinking that e-mail marketing is spamming, which we all have had experience with. That is only one form of e-mail marketing and also among the worst marketing strategies anyone could do.

Spamming is irritating, annoying, unethical, damaging to one’s credibility among many other things. Most important is spamming just doesn’t work. The spam we’re familiar with and receive everyday requires millions of recipients to generate just a handful of responses. On the other hand, e-mail marketing performed correctly can generate many responses from just a handful of recipients. Done right, you can generate more business and build credibility. Done wrong, you receive the opposite.

Did you know that a return visitor to a Web site is six top ten times more likely to conduct business than a first time visitor? Did you know that a well-managed e-mail mailing list could generate 5% or even as high as a 10% response rate? These two statistics are key reasons why e-mail marketing is very important for a business. Another important reason is the cost, which is FREE!

Effective e-mail marketing could be as simple as a follow-up e-mail to a new customer or as elaborate as a full-blown e-newsletter. The important point is that you can generate more business that cost you nothing but your time. If done right and you’re persistent at it, e-mail marketing could be all you need to generate as much business as you can handle.

A friend of mine sends jokes and trivia to his mailing list every weekday morning. With exception of contact information, his e-mails never directly promote his business. He receives most all of his business for the day from his customers responding to the e-mail from that morning. It cost him nothing but his time for that business. If you’re not doing something like this yourself, then you need ask why not because you’re throwing away business by not doing so.

There are some legitimate reasons why you may not have done any e-mail marketing. One good reason is you simply don’t know how. I’m hoping to solve that problem through this newsletter, which I hope will translate to generating more business for you.

Next week, I will tell you how to start building an excellent mailing list with what you already have and WITHOUT using a Web site. I will also tell you how to immediately generate business from that mailing list. If you can’t wait and want this information now, then reply back and let me know.

Talk to you next week!


For more information, contact me at or read information in the next section.


If you read anything in this newsletter, you will want to read this segment. I will have an offer of some kind published here weekly. It could be discounts on my services. It could be coupons for free dinners. It could be opportunities to earn cold hard cash.

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NOTE: This opportunity expires on March 7th, 2007. Any referrals will be honored until midnight of that day.

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