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March 13, 2007

by Dan Harley, Jr. –

Hello to another week of stimulating information about e-marketing!

There are a few new subscribers to this newsletter, and I want to give you a warm welcome. This is a newsletter on how to make your own electronic newsletter, and I’m happy that you’ve signed up. I started this newsletter just three weeks ago, so you haven’t missed much. However, you will want to catch up in the information that I’ve already presented so you have a better idea about what I’m talking about.

I’ve created a blog where I have posted my previous newsletters for everyone to review when needed. The blog is located at:

I will show everyone how to use blogs to your business advantage in a few weeks, and I will tell you this much for now. This is yet another excellent Internet marketing tool that is free.

This week I will tell you how to convert the mailing list that you, hopefully, created last week into a newsletter subscription list and how to continue building on that list without spamming. First, I have received several questions that I would like to answer this week so everyone will be well informed.

Let’s get started!


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By Dan Harley, Jr. –

Answering questions in a newsletter is an excellent way to provide very informative content to your newsletter readers. I encourage all of you to send me your questions, and I will gladly answer them in my future newsletters.

Q: What are Apptomix and MenuPromote?

A: Apptomix and MenuPromote are Web site solutions that I represent as the business development manager and sell directly from time to time. Apptomix has been developed for over seven years to fulfill the needs of small businesses going online for the first time or wanting to transition from a failed Web site. It is packed with a lot of features that makes it much easier for those who have never been online before to get online, grow and then succeed.

MenuPromote is a spin-off of Apptomix that is designed for restaurants and food service companies. The e-commerce system is designed to sell food and the e-marketing features are designed to better serve restaurant marketing strategies.

About half of the readers here are my Apptomix or MenuPromote clients.

Q: How come your newsletter is just text?

A: Most everything that I’m doing with this newsletter is intentional including using plain text formatting. This is to demonstrate that publishing an electronic newsletter does not require elaborate graphics templates or advanced technical knowledge. Also, using a text only format assures that all of my readers will be able to read my newsletter no matter what kind of computer or Internet access they have.

Q: How long does it take to create your newsletter?

A: I had published as many as six newsletters at one time, and they usually require less than an hour of my time to publish weekly. My other newsletters have HTML formatted templates, which the template takes much more than an hour to create. Once the template is created, it’s just a matter of copy and paste articles into it and pressing the send button. The template is reused indefinitely until I figure it’s time to update it.

Q: Do I need a Web site to have an electronic newsletter?

A: No you don’t need a Web site. Apptomix and MenuPromote have a built in e-newsletter publishing tool and a built in e-greeting tool, which could confuse those of you who don’t have either of the Web site solutions. You will have to be a little more technically inclined to publish e-newsletters if you don’t have Apptomix or MenuPromote, but it’s not that difficult. I’m doing this newsletter to teach you how to do this anyway, so let me know if you need more help.

Q: When will you wife come to America?

A: This was the most asked question, and this should tell you how careful I was in choosing who will be on this mailing list. You all are friends and know or at least know to ask about this part of my personal life.

The answer is as early as May or as late as August of this year. The Los Angeles immigration office approved my wife’s visa about a month ago. I’m in the process of collecting the paperwork for the second phase, while my wife is currently in Tuyen Quan (her hometown in North Vietnam) collecting the necessary paperwork for her interview at the U.S. consulate. Everything is flowing much faster that expected, which is a break that my wife and I earned a few times over.


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By Dan Harley, Jr.

Last week I showed you how to develop an excellent mailing list of your best customers. Now I need to tell you to handle that list like it is gold. Manage it very carefully and treat it as if everyone on the list is a VIP. If you deem it necessary, send your correspondence to that list individually and not as a group. Sending e-greetings individually as I shown you last week is a good example of how to use that list. You may expand that list, but make sure it is no bigger than you can manage with the utmost care. By the way, you are on my “golden list” as I call it, which is why you’re receiving these newsletters.

The newsletter mailing list will be a different list from your golden list that will be just as important to properly manage, but not necessarily as if it was gold. With persistent effort and a little luck, your newsletter mailing will grow to be enormous and you will use automated services to manage it. It could take a while before you build up a respectable number of subscribers, so be patient and try not to be discouraged. Actually, it could be fun to build a subscriber list with a method I devised.

First of all, if you have a Web site then make sure you have provisions for people to subscribe to a mailing list. Apptomix and MenuPromote clients that feature is built in. That is the start of a pipeline of free advertisement and promotion for your business. Don’t be in despair if you don’t have a Web site, because my method doesn’t require one.

We all collect business cards from our customers and prospects. Instead of saying thanks for the business card and immediately pocketing it, you should review the card to make sure it has an e-mail address on it. If there isn’t one, then ask for it. If there is one, then ask if the e-mail address is correct. Now, we get to a delicate part.

Once you verified the e-mail address, ask the person if he wouldn’t mind being on your private mailing list to keep them informed on issues related to your business. Your approach might initially fail miserably until you’ve found the right thing to say that will convince people to say yes. However, you will probably find more people saying yes by just asking. When they agree to be on your mailing list, write ADD TO MAILING LIST in big letters on the back of their card so you will remember when you update your electronic address book. A similar method works with phone contacts too. Always remember to ask for an E-mail address when obtaining contact information over the phone, and always ask to be on your private mailing list. .

I want to emphasize the term “PRIVATE.” Your mailing lists are private because you will never share your mailing list with anyone. Not even with your own Mother. Always keep that in mind, and always describe your mailing lists as private when asking to be subscribed to it.

This method of obtaining subscribers may seem like a lot of work, but is actually not. You’re simply adding a few more steps in how you collect contact information. It is also very effective. You could realize 70%-80% positive success by just asking for people to be on your PRIVATE mailing list. By comparison, Web sites usually see close to a thousand visitors before receiving just one subscriber.

Those of you who are concerned about spamming issues don’t need to worry. If you asked a person to be on your private mailing list and they agree, that is just as good as if they subscribed from your Web site. There is another part that assures you are spam compliant, which will be covered later.

An important note before I close this article. DO NOT USE YOUR SUBSCRIBER LIST YET. Just work on building up your subscriber list and wait till next week for more information when I will cover some key elements you will need in your e-newsletters and even your regular e-mails.

Talk to you later!


If you read anything in this newsletter, you will want to read this segment. I will have an offer of some kind published here weekly. It could be discounts on my services. It could be coupons for free dinners. It could be opportunities to earn cold hard cash.

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There are two opportunities:

Refer a Subscriber

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NOTE: Both opportunities expire on March 21st, 2007. Any referrals will be honored until midnight of that day. Contact me if you need more details and simply reply to this e-mail with your subscriber or business referral information.


This is a private mailing list and will never be used outside of our organization.

If you desire not to be on this mailing list, reply with REMOVE in the subject line and you will be removed promptly.

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