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Remembering My Dad

The Obituary of Daniel Harley, Sr.

My Father passed away on the morning of November 14th, 2014. This is his obituary.

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Good Bye Technology Tuesday, Welcome Back Tech Talk!

Technology Tuesday is no longer on the air, and I’ve gone back to my BlogTalkRadio channel and my old show: Tech Talk.

Dr. Ev, who owns and operates the Caribbean Radio Show channel where Technology Tuesday was broadcasting from, had to make some rule changes in order to promote the channel better and ultimately generate some revenue. Unfortunately, the rule changes will not be agreeable with me in continuing Technology Tuesday. Both Dr. Ev and I know this and the decision was mutual to cancel. Closing one show opens the opportunity to reopen my old show on my own channel.

Tech Talk is back on the air and I made my first broadcast a few minutes ago. Here’s the show:

Listen to internet radio with MojaveDan on Blog Talk Radio


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