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Remembering My Dad

The Obituary of Daniel Harley, Sr.

My Father passed away on the morning of November 14th, 2014. This is his obituary.

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Trail Ride to Apple Valley’s Hilltop House

This is my latest video of my journeys to the Hilltop House in Apple Valley, California.

The video was taken while on horseback and traversing the ridge crest trail along the top of Bass Hill.

4 Responses to Trail Ride to Apple Valley’s Hilltop House

  • Today i decided to update my memory on Apple Valley history. In doing so i ran into your first trip to the Hilltop House after which then became the focus of my search. I can see the building restored to its original condition and being a very public location that could bring revenue to Apple Valley. I wanted to know what else you had to say after seeing your second and third trip up the hill. Actually i wondered what it would take to get some large pieces of ply board and some paint up there to clean up the “art work” without risk of falling through the floor. I see you are enjoying your time out of the country and look forward to chatting about improving life in our Wonderful Apple Valley. I have only been up the hill for a few years now but – to me this is home until my health requires living in a dryer dessert.


    • Sorry for the delay with responding to you.

      There is basically two trails to the Hilltop House. One is along the top ridge of Bass Hill accessible from the Hilltop Tank. The other is the original paved driveway. Both are relatively easy to access, but challenging considering the steep climb to the house.

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