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Remembering My Dad

The Obituary of Daniel Harley, Sr.

My Father passed away on the morning of November 14th, 2014. This is his obituary.

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Fatality on Highway 395 and My Post on CalTrans Facebook Page

The Daily Press reported another fatality on Highway 395. See here:

I elected to post my thoughts on Calrtrans Devore Interchange Facebook page. Here’s the content of my post:

Since you elected to delete my previous post, allow me to get right to my point with this post. Here’s an article in the local paper:

This FATAL accident was in YOUR DIVISION. As you also know, this is just one of many along that stretch of roadway. Your management continues to ignore widening Hwy 395, which is badly needed. Over many years, I’ve asked several of your representatives the same simple question .. “Why?” I receive the same answer. “We don’t have enough money…” Yet, your division chooses to dump hundreds of millions of dollars on this project in which a previous project at the same location was completed just a few years ago.

I’m done with trying to speak with your representatives on this issues and will put my effort into making the public of your division’s ignorance. It is time you stop killing people...

Here’s the continuing response and communications:

Robert Chevez

Dan – Your posts on the Devore Interchange Project about highway 395 and spending should be directed to Caltrans staff/management. The Facebook page you have posted on is managed by the contractor team – not Caltrans – to provide the public detours, closures and other project information. Caltrans District 8 has their own Facebook page to bring up your issues. If you do have questions about construction-related activities for the Devore Project, then go ahead and post and we will respond.

Dan Harley

@Robert – I want be sure you know that all of my communications with CalTrans (and their contractors) are being documented.

As for contacting CalTrans staff/management, that has been done many times but to no avail as staff/management continues to respond with there’s no funds available for significant construction projects along Highway 395. How such issues are related is somehow the same CalTrans division found $280,000,000 to fund the Devore Interchange project (and pay you for your work) and fund another project further north on I-15 collectively totaling over half a billion dollars if the top of my head estimates are accurate, yet there’s still no money available to deal with the obvious dangers along Hwy 395.

Perhaps the aforementioned dilemma is beyond your ability to answer, which is typical of any CalTrans employee and/or contractor. So how about I throw you a softball question, which should be withing the realm of your project to answer.

Q: How come CalTrans is working on the Devore Interchange just a few years after a previous major project at the same location was completed?

I await your response or he response from someone who has the authority to respond.

Robert Chevez

We are required to document all project communications. We send a weekly report to Caltrans, which included your previous post. I will contact Caltrans about your questions and ask them to respond directly. Who have you been in contact with at Caltrans that has not responded in the past?

Dan Harley

I appreciate you informing that my communications will be directed to CalTrans staff/management as required. Perhaps someone will finally do something to save some lives.

My contacts with CalTrans regarding the Highway 395 issues has been over many years. Mostly with public relations representatives whom in my opinion know little more than the projects they were promoting and/or required to provide the same standard answer. In my opinion, going through the typical channels does not work. Calling a Caltrans representative to receive a standard answer will not fix this problem.

One example is the gentleman (I forgot his name) who came through my Rotary Club promoting your project. He barely knew enough about the project to make a legible presentation. He was torn apart during the Q & A after some very basic and simple questions. A member of my club asked about the previous construction project, which the response was he wasn’t aware of it.

The representative’s response made most all who attended the presentation very disturbed to say the least. It prompted me to become more vocal via the Internet to gain public awareness.

Also keep in mind that this is nothing personal. I know well enough that you and most all who you work with project don’t have enough information to see the big picture. You’re given enough information to pain a rosy picture for the general public to absorb. The problem is I’m much more observant and aware than your target audience. I too have contracted with government agencies and I’m well aware of how funds and be wastefully allocated. Furthermore, I’m fed up with this particular division’s continued ignorance of a very serious and deadly problem on a roadway which they directly manage.

The standard answer is no longer enough. It is time for action.


I wil update this post as CalTrans responds to my inquiries. I will love to hear your thoughts on this. DCH II